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Price for Morpheus8

Full face and neck:  $1250 regular price. At least 2 passes in all the areas and 3 passes in selected areas.


Full face and neck package X3  $3000. Three treatments one month apart. Best option for the price and expected outcome. Includes use of Pro-Nox system for anesthesia.

Add on resurfacing full face and neck X1 $600.

Add on resurfacing package X3


Morpheus prime around eyes

and mouth X1 $1000, package X3 $2400

Morpheus8 treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis $2400 for 4 treatments one month apart.

Morpheus Body small area

4X10"  package X3 $3500,

large area 8x11 package X3 $4500

Facetite and liposuction (RFAL) lower face, jowls $3000. Facetite and liposuction submental and neck $3000.  Morpheus8 and Pro-Nox included.

Bodytite abdomen and liposuction (RFAL) abdomen $6000. Morpheus8 and Pro-Nox included.

Bodytite and liposuction bilateral arms 6000. Morpheus8 and Pro-Nox included.

Breast lift with Bodytite and Morpheus8: $6000 includes Pro-Nox.

Buffalo hump with Bodytite $3000,

Pro-Nox included.

Flanks with Bodytite and liposuction $5000, Pro-Nox included.

Skin and soft tissue masses up to 3 cm $500 , 3-5 cm $1000. If pathology is necessary add $100.

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