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Dr. Miidla
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With a deep passion for helping people feel and look better, Renae loves Aesthetic nursing, knowing she will be making a positive difference.  Born in West Virginia, Renae graduated from Holy Family University with her BSN. She has enjoyed a thriving career in nursing for over thirty-five years. Renae spent the early part of her career in Critical Care Nursing and the Operating Room in Pennsylvania until finding her true passion in Aesthetic Nursing in 1998.

Renae provided Post-operative Cosmetic Surgery care. 


Renae has a keen eye and enjoys educating patients on aesthetic procedures that would best enhance and maintain your natural beauty. Renae has found that with the years of experience working in Critical Care, she brings a gentle touch of compassion, and care to each patient experience. Knowing this is an ever-changing field, Renae takes ongoing education seriously and makes a point to invest in herself. She is passionate about keeping up with the newest products, techniques, and technology to always provide her patients with the best care and outcome.


Renae recognizes and utilizes all procedures she endorses on herself such as Neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport and Morpheu8 as her go-to treatment.  Renae says, “I love helping people look their best without changing their looks. Getting old is not a choice but how we age is.  These treatments can provide a lift, thicken thinning, laxed skin and eliminate wrinkles on the face and body. It can be a positive life changing experience for my patients, and I love being a part of the process.”

In her downtime, Renae enjoys fitness activities from century long cycling races, running, kayaking to daily gym workouts and fitness competitions.  Renae is a certified personal trainer, Real Estate Broker, and Registered Nurse in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. She lives a healthy lifestyle and loves helping others make this transition as well. Renae is the CEO of IV Energy Infusion, a mobile IV therapy company in Fort Lauderdale serving Broward County.  She provides IV therapies and Weight Loss programs to help her clients obtain optimal fitness and lifestyle changes.  " I believe that IV Wellness Therapy delivers powerful benefits to meet the demands of our physical and mental health. Mobile Wellness therapy is not just an amazing solution for hydration, it helps to alleviate symptoms of acute and chronic illnesses as well as being a great addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Using a holistic approach, Renae combines mobile IV wellness therapy to treat at the cellular level and Radiant Skin Institute medical procedures to treat the outside signs of aging.  The end goal is to slow and or reverse the aging process so your life can be lived to the fullest.  Renae says, “I strive to bring the most cutting-edge therapies to slow down the aging process and nourish your body with nutrients to ward off the disease process."

Sincerely, Renae Yanero RN, ACLS, CCRN

“Live Life to the Fullest with Me”

Dr. Indrek Miidla

Dr. Miidla

Dr. Indrek Miidla, MD, is a board-certified surgeon and the Medical Director at Radiant Skin Institute. With his expertise and leadership, our institute offers a variety of treatment options to address wrinkles, sagging skin, and laxity. Dr. Miidla specializes in cutting-edge procedures such as Morpheus8, Facetite, and Bodytite, all of which are designed to achieve the best possible results for our patients.


At Radiant Skin Institute, we utilize the latest technology from InMode company to deliver minimally invasive techniques for body contouring and radio frequency assisted liposuctioning. With Dr. Miidla's guidance, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality care and personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique needs. Experience the difference with Radiant Skin Institute  for all your aesthetic concerns.

Dr. David Robinson

Dr. Robinson

Dr. David Robinson, MD, is a board-certified surgeon at Radiant Skin Institute. Dr. Robinson is a world known expert in skin surgical pathology, especially in head and neck melanomas. With his expertise our institute offers a variety of treatment options to address varous skin lesions and subcutaneous abnormalities.

At Radiant Skin Institute Dr. Robinson as a leader in surgical dermato-pathology  is  providing personalized comprehensive  treatment plans for each patient.

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